Guide to Customer 
Health Score

Want to be more efficient while predicting churn?  Because you don't want to see surprise keeping up on renewal dates. 

Holistic view of your Customer Account Health is all you need. 

We know configuring the perfect health score for your B2B SaaS business could be tedious. That’s why we, at Reptrics have jot-down every information that you need to know before setting up the "Perfect" Customer Health Score. 

What's in the guide?

  • Reasons why Customer Health Score is the most powerful tool of Customer Success
  • Latest Customer Health Score Industry Trends
  • Selecting the most important Health Score metrics to track
  • Creating a Health Scorecard
  • How to use Playbooks that're build around health score to drive Customer Success?
  • Leveraging Billing, CRM, Support tool to configure a perfect health score
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